How I Started Babywearing

By Amanda Herdman of Beyond The Rainbow Handwoven (@beyondtherainbowhw)

Growing up on a farm in rural Alberta you did not hear about babywearing. When I was growing up Facebook was not invented yet. The internet on the farm was dial up until a few years ago. When I had my first born 12 years ago I was more into World of Warcraft then social media. We went to Walmart about once a month and that was the only journey that happened.

When I got pregnant with my third, after our rainbow baby, I needed to make all the things; low and behold Pinterest was the new thing! Laying in bed for hours late at night when that pregnancy insomnia kicks in. When I was flipping through pins I came across babywearing. I read blogs, researched and joined the local babywearing group. That is where my rabbit hole started its decent. It was the first group I ever joined on Facebook and I was speechless with all the women carrying on with their daily lives with a baby. My first was a stage 43 clinger who wouldn't go to sleep unless rocked and walked around. Who would scream any time he was even slightly hungry. He was awake from 6:00am - 8:00pm every day without a nap. Needless to say it was not the easiest.

I convinced myself after being alone all day for hours on the internet, that I needed to purchase a babywrap because it was going to be life changing. Went to a local babywearing store two weeks before my due date where they sold me the wrong size base handwoven wrap. When my babe was born I was super excited and nervous about babywearing and waited a week before wearing her for the first time. Nothing worked. It wasn't comfortable and she hated it!

I still followed the babywearing group and still enjoyed in the handwoven yarn porn. Soft Structured Carriers caught my eye. When my little turned 6 months I purchased my first ssc which was a Lenny lamb babysize. Surprise, it was comfortable and I could easily put it on by myself. It made it so I didn't have to pack the bucket seat. Shopping was now on the to do list!

Then we moved across the country. I joined the local babywearing groups and started to follow along on the vibe. Met a lovely Mamma who introduced me to back wrapping with a woven wrap! Game changer, we could go for hikes! I Attended UP Babywearing conference where I met my first Ottawa for life friends. From there I hosted/joined meet-ups.

When my fourth was born he lived in a woven babywrap. Having colic was hectic but the only thing that would calm him down was being worn. My husband and I wrapped him most of the day/night until he was four months old. Babywearing meant we could chase the toddler, play with her, do chores, get work done, run errands and get baby snuggles.

We still wear both of our littles on a regular basis. I wear everyday to keep my sanity and would like to bring ease to more caregivers. Being a caregiver is hard. Having the babywearing tool in your belt is in my experience life changing. Shockingly being human means I don't know everything. But, what I do know I would love to share.


Amanda will be hosting monthly (bi-weekly if there's enough interest) babywearing meet ups at Wild Child Coffee Project. Come with your babe, your bump, or just your carrier. She can be reached through the socials of Beyond The Rainbow Handwoven