It ain't easy - one mom's journey to motivation

By Lauren Kellar


Hey dopemoms!

So listen, my journey started so far from where I am today. I was still suffering from post partumn axiety and not even aware.
I had moved through Post partumn depression but still struggled with that negative mindset and really my whole life was paying the price.

My marriage most of the time was hanging on by the strings (so grateful my husband was so supportive and stuck it out) and I so badly wanted to be the mom I had dreamed of being but couldn't possibly do at that time.

I thought (so silly) that the issue with me being tired all the time was my weight (I was still sitting at my delivery weight for my 2nd even though it was 2 years later).
I thought that if I lost the weight I would magically feel more confident and that would save my marriage and make me a better mom.

News fucken flash... that's not how it works!!!

But, I started, and that the was the best thing I could have ever done. I joined a community of woman all trying to be the best versions of themselves, not perfect, just doing our best.

Secretively I also only started, becuase I knew I could get my money back if I failed or hated it (which I expected both) and if there is two things about me you should know it's 1. I'm super frugal and 2. Nature is my happy place!

Ok side tracked... a month into adding fitness and better nutrition into my life I was down 18 lbs and my mood & energy was up. But I was still falling back hard into old habits!


I hadn't worked on it, so how the heck did I think I was going to make a lasting change? Flash forward 3 months later, I didn't need to schedule my workouts like an appointment anymore; they were something I looked forward to and it had become a routine for, not just me, but the famjam.
I reached out to my coach and the accountability community and realized my missing link was personal development!

I started by diving deep into youtube. I would google, "morning motivation" "Motivational speeches" and the rest is history. I know get to share all that with my clients and team and grow with them through all the ups and downs of life.

Start simple, don't over compliate it or put this crazy unrealistic goal on yourself, but strive for something! Don't you ever give up till you find something that works for you and your crazy ass life! It took me 31 years to find it for me.

Most important, not mindset, but your WHY!! If you don't know what drives you in life, the reason, I mean real deep makes you start balling like a crazy lady in the living room, deep why, then when hardships hit, your going to fall off.

Make that WHY everywhere! If it's your family, put a picture of them and write down not just "for my family" but " I need to get up today becuase my kids need to know what a whole, present and loving mom looks like and I am capable and worthy of that"

Thanks dopemom's let's rise together!