Mo’ Points, Mo’ Groceries

                Mo’ Points, Mo’ Groceries

Grocery shopping used to be an activity of leisure before children came into our lives. Like many, I’d take my time looking at different products, walking slowly up and down the aisles looking at everything and comparing products. As a busy parent, it’s a whole new game. One thing that has changed is that I don’t go to multiple stores. I now prefer to do as much as I can in one shot in a giant store. I love local shops and when my husband and I lived in the Byward Market before we had kids, I often went to the farm vendors and small shops, so if you can support those little shops, please do! At this moment in my life, like many other overwhelmed moms, I’m all about one stop shopping and trying to stay within a budget each week. 

The best way to stay in budget and shop at Loblaws (or Loblaws company stores like Superstore, No Frills and Zehr’s) is by collecting PC Optimum points! If you are unfamiliar with their new-ish reward program, you can collect points in a variety of ways and redeem those points for products in store. For every 10,000 points you receive, you can redeem $10 - and that can add up quickly if you are on the ball! Below I have outlined ways to maximize your point collection and save money!

PC Optimum App:

The one trick with the points collection is that you have to upload your offers each week. They are available on Thursdays and even though there are in-store offers for points, downloading your points helps you collect even more. Your offers are usually based on past purchases, buy those products (if you need them) to get more points. If you have received an offer that you don’t need this week, you can defer it to the following week. Some weeks, there will be a “Spend $200 and receive 20,000 points” type of deal. Be sure to update your offers each week!

PC Insiders Club: 

This is an annual subscription for about $100 for the year or $10 / month. They usually have a sign up bonus, like 50,000 points (which equals $50 or half the cost of the membership). This subscription is targeted to parents with young children and babies. You receive 20% of the cost of baby items like diapers and wipes, or Joe Fresh and PC Organics products back in the form of points. So if you spend $30 on a box of diapers, you would get 6000 points. If you need to buy your child’s third wardrobe for the year, you’ll get a bunch of points back! Another sweet bonus, you get free PC Express, formerly Click and Collect ($5 on weekends or $3 on weekdays)  or … drum roll… delivery! PC Insiders Club also emails offers for savings for PC Express. The offers are usually like, if you spend $100, you can receive $10 off your order. 

Esso / Mobile gas stations:

 This is a newer partnership, and with your PC Optimum card you will earn 10 points per litre on fuel and 10 points per dollar in the convenience store or car wash. 

Shopper’s Drug Mart: 

When Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws merged, they joined point collection forces and you can score points while buying your favourite cosmetic products (a.k.a all the under eye concealer to hide the new mom eyes)!

President’s Choice Mastercard: 

This is my mom’s secret to her almost 1,000,000 point collection (in 10 months) and the next step into my journey of free groceries. With the credit card, you can receive 30 points for every dollar you spend. If you use a credit card frequently, you can collect even more points and even more free groceries, or at the very least, reduce your bill frequently! Even though my mom probably wants to use her points on all the Joe Fresh and fancy olive oils Loblaws has to offer, she uses them to fund our Christmas dining and snacking. Thanks mom!

Giving to charity:

Some disclosure, my youngest brother, Mackenzie, works for the President’s Choice Children’s Charity and he informed me that you can redeem your points to be donated to the charity. If you want to donate to the charity and help out children in your community, but your family budget is too tight, you can use your points and help out an amazing charity. Win-win!

The many ways to collect points can really help balance or reduce your family grocery budget, and let’s be honest, checking your accumulated points on the bottom of your receipt is super fun! Happy savings!



By Dope Mom Jennifer Kennedy