Santa won’t you bring me the one I really need?


A millionaire to pay for all these damn gifts. No? Fine.


Tis the season, and if you have any complaints to bring to the big man up north, like why I didn’t get a pony when I was 7, he’s finally here in Ottawa. 

Santa photos are on! Here are the places you’ll find him this year.

Bayshore: Nov 16 - Dec 24

Free reindeer plush

Carlingwood: Nov 17 - Dec 24

Spooky Santa, pet Santa and quiet Santa events

St Laurent: Nov 16 - Dec 24

Shutterfly promo card with package purchase or phone call from santa 

Rideau Center: Nov 16 - Dec 24

Can book ahead of time

Place d'orleans: Nov 23 - Dec 24

Sensory photos Nov 23

Cabela’s - Nov 16 - Dec 24

Free 4x6 photo, free crafts table