Mama Resources

Being a mom is hard. Whether you're a first time mom, or on your second pair of triplets, everyone could use some help. Bold Moms is all about supporting one another, having a village you can turn to for your questions, fears and frustrations. But sometimes that's not what's needed. Here are a list of resources to help you find your way. 


Ottawa Childbirth Education - classes and workshops that cover all aspects of parenthood including sleep, prenatal, cpr, birthing, massage, even a class for new grandparents to brush up on all the latest safety recommendations. 

Birth Trauma Ontario - sometimes sh*t happens that we can't control. We don't always get the birth we want, often our birth plans fly out the window and we can't help but feel morose. It's okay to mourn the birth you didn't have. 

Doula Services - first time to expert riders, doulas serve as a support person during pregnancy, labor and bringing baby home. 


Midwives - if you are hoping for a home, or center based, birth a midwife is a great choice. They can coach you through the various stages of labour, and see you throughout your pregnancy. They are similar to an OB, however they are limited in the interventions they can do. So if you have a complicated pregnancy, you may need to switch to an OB. Midwives also have permissions at hospitals, if your birth plan goes awry they can transfer with you. 

Let's Talk About Breasts, Baby

Lactation consultants - Breastfeeding is HARD. It doesn’t always come naturally and full of rainbows for most women. If you’re having trouble with latching, pain, supply or general feeling of malaise when it’s time to feed, a lactation consultant can help. 

  • Carlington Community Health Center - Janet is the in house lactation consultant, who also runs a well baby drop in Wednesdays from 1:30-3pm. She also works with the Monarch center. She can be reached at 613-722-4000 x 440. 
  • Monarch Center - a great resource in central and west Ottawa. Dr. Anderson takes a special interest in breastfeeding and medicine. You will need a referral from your doctor or one of the lactation consultants at Monarch. 
  • Parenting in Ottawa - free drop ins citywide 
  • Milkface - located in Westboro, they have drop ins with their lactation specialists, as well as private clinics. Drop ins have a fee of $40/first visit and $20/subsequent visits. They specialize in breastfeeding wear and equipment.  
  • International Breastfeeding Center - online resource with tons of videos to help you work through your questions, or brush up before birth.
  • La Leche League - join a group of moms in your area and get help with any questions you have. Weekly informal meetups, in a less medical environment. 
  • St Mary's - breastfeeding drop in targeting to new young mothers. 
  • Ottawa Breastfeeds - connecting you with local resources, drop ins, clinics and support programs. 
  • Naissance-Renaissance - french lactation consultants in the Ottawa-Gatineau area
Full Circle - sometimes breastfeeding doesn't work, or doesn't work right away. You may be having trouble dealing with bottle feeding, or formula feeding. Full Circle helps teach you and coach you through your feeding blues.

    Tongue Ties - Chapman Mills Dental has drop in clinics and is a great resource should your baby need a frenectomy. If you suspect they have a tongue tie, take them to your pediatrician to confirm, the sooner you know, the sooner you can begin to work on it or around it. 

    How to Train your Drag- er Baby

    Sleep Training

    Sleep training encompasses so much, and takes so many different forms. Because it is a hotly debated topic, and because every baby is so unique, we're only putting some resources to professionals. We are not saying any one way is right, so you continue to do what is right for YOUR family. 

    • The Happy Sleep Company - One of the most local sources, they have sleep seminars all over town, and have helped a lot of moms. Our very own Dope Mom, Alex, is a great consultant and can be reached at
    • Taking Cara Babies - an online platform for sleep training, with a lot of instagram daily tips. 


    Child care - finding the best place for your baby is extremely stressful. There are many providers to choose from, mostly separated into two categories: home and center based care. 

    • Home care: There are both licensed and unlicensed home daycares in Ottawa. Make sure you ask to see their license from the city during your interview. 
    • Center care: Centers are typically run by ECE’s and have more children per caregiver than home based daycares.
    • Global Childcare Services - both home and center based, with EarlyOn events throughout the city. 
    • La Place - an online portal to sign up and be put on a waitlist for childcare in the gatineau area. French
    • Parkdale Montessori - an accredited Montessori, this care method focuses on children led development.  
    • Finding Childcare in Ontario
    • What to ask prospective providers
    • Childcare Subsidy 

    Infant CPR Courses - whether you're a caregiver, or a parent, having up to date knowledge for emergencies is important. 

    • National Capital First aid - courses are held at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Center. $35 per participant
    • OCEA - courses are offered at the center, or at home for groups of more than four. $40 per participant

    Carseat Safety - SEATS for kids runs workshops with trained professionals to test, and teach you about your car seat and safety. A $30 donation is asked to cover costs. 

    A Little Bit of Everything

    Parenting in Ottawa  - The city of Ottawa has some great resources for parents. They have links to drop ins, free classes at the library, workshops, postpartum help, really everything to help make your feel successful as a parent. They also have resources from conception through to the terrible teens, so don’t fret if you have no idea what to do when your chill baby turns into a volcano of hormones.

    Mothercraft - from prenatal to postpartum, this is a place you can get it all. They offer a variety of classes for new parents, offer childcare, and have postpartum drop in groups for both moms and dads. 

    Quebec Health Tiny to Toddler Booklet - a how to manual for your new babe, this free book is sent out to Quebec residents for free, and is free for everyone online. It's 780 pages guys, it's huge. French Version

    Dabros Law - now that there's a new mouth to feed, don't forget to think about the future, and that means securing your wills and power of attorney. They also offer an amazing service: wills on wheels! So you don't have to worry about being nap trapped. 

    Feed Your Body

    Yoga - prenatal yoga is a great way to prepare and tune your body for the marathon it's about the complete. It's also useful for re-centering yourself and your muscles after birth, and a low impact reintroduction to the physical world.

    • Little Lotus Yoga - they offer classes from fertility, to that baby doing downward dog with you. 

    Pelvic Floor Physios - we all know it can seem like a natural disaster down there, after all, it's seen some shit. Pelvic floor health is often overlooked, but is an essential part of postpartum healing. 

    • Pelvi-Solutions - Gatineau's multidisciplinary pelvic floor specialists. 
    • Pelvic Support Physiotherapy - Located in Bells Corners, they have programs from pre to post natal. 
    • Silvia Saraiva - A physiotherapist at Ottawa Integrative Health Center, see our FB saved live videos for her information session. 

    Online & on the 'Gram

    Ottawa Dope Map - a dope mom approved, and dope mom created, map of baby friendly places and events. The link will open up in Google maps and show you where you need to be!

    Kellymom - a mom blogger extraordinaire, with local information on events, and places to go with your wee ones.

    Saavymom - covers some major Canadian cities and includes events, courses, blogs, and more.

    @mom.break - one of the most well-known mom bloggers in Ottawa, Erica's content is uplifting, funny and best of all - real. - Melyse's Instagram stories are the stuff of legend. Her fearless and unapologetic parenting style will keep you inspired and in stitches. 

    @mylittlelambblog - Vanessa is an ECE by trade, but has become well known for her incredibly creative purpose play spaces that encourage behaviour management and creativity. Follow her for play tips and tricks and marvel at her organizational abilities! 

    @withlovechelsealyn - Chelsea is a certified badass who don't take no shit. Her Instagram bio literally says that she's not winning any parenting awards, so you know she's going to be good for a giggle. 

    @Legendairymilk - Talks with lactation consultants, and general hilarity about being a lactating mom.